iPad compatibility and mp4 courses

In recognition of the increasing prevalence of our customers using mobile devices, including our three Q-Pulse iPad apps, Q-Pulse Docs, Q-Pulse Audit and Q-Pulse Reporting, we have spent the last few months adapting every Academy course to work on the iPad. All courses now run in mp4 format, which means that even if you don’t own an iPad, the courses will run more smoothly on your PC.

Please note that your PC will need an mp4 player to run these courses.

You can download one here

Case Studies

  • Ideagen Academy boosts RSSL’s Q-Pulse implementation process
  • Ideagen Academy helps Yaskawa deliver efficient and cost-effective training
  • Ideagen Academy helps Victoria Hospital gain clear understanding of Q-Pulse for quality management
  • Gael Academy increases staff confidence and knowledge at Darwin Airline
  • Ideagen Academy helps Newcastle NHS Trust understand the Quality Management System
  • Ideagen provide Esterline, Darchem, with "exceptional" service and support