Adding your branding and learning content into the Academy

In the past, many of our customers have asked us whether it is possible to upload their own learning content into the Academy. We’re happy to announce that we can now do this!

Gael can upload any PowerPoint presentation or video into the Academy, which will only be viewable by people in your organisation. The possibilities for this new functionality are almost endless – you can use it to deliver health and training, induction or any other training specific to yo and each of your courses can have a quiz and additional training notes.

There are many advantages of using the Academy to deliver your training, including being able to monitor whether users have taken/passed each course, reducing costs by not having to repeat face-to-face training, and keeping all your training resources “under one roof”.

Not only can we add your own learning content into the Academy, we can also add your own logo and branding as well. This works in two different ways. Firstly, whenever you log into the Academy, your logo will appear at the top left, where the Gael Academy logo is currently visible. In addition, whenever any of your Academy members take a course, instead of the current Gael Academy page, you will see a new page with your logo and branding – which we will design for you. By applying your branding to your version of the Gael Academy, your members are more likely to use and engage with the system.

To find out more about all this, watch the video ATD0994 – Customising your Academy.

Case Studies

  • Ideagen Academy boosts RSSL’s Q-Pulse implementation process
  • Ideagen Academy helps Yaskawa deliver efficient and cost-effective training
  • Ideagen Academy helps Victoria Hospital gain clear understanding of Q-Pulse for quality management
  • Gael Academy increases staff confidence and knowledge at Darwin Airline
  • Ideagen Academy helps Newcastle NHS Trust understand the Quality Management System
  • Ideagen provide Esterline, Darchem, with "exceptional" service and support