A further 16 Gael Risk courses now available in the Academy!

Over the last couple of months, we have been busy creating all the Academy courses you need to help you learn how to manage hazard-based risks using Gael Risk.

Gael Risk is Gael’s latest product offering, designed to provide widespread understanding and management of risk across your organisation - for more information, have a look at our new Gael Risk website. As you may already know, the Academy is Gael’s e-learning resource, designed to help you learn how to use Gael products effectively through various training courses.

Each of our training courses contains a summary of what you will learn in the course, and a short quiz to test your knowledge at the end. The new courses include:

  • Getting Started – These are high-level courses which explain how Gael Risk works without delving into the “How-to” instructional courses
  • Risk Viewer – Some users will only use Gael Risk to create reports or read about specific risks. These three new courses explain how you can do this.
  • Risk Manager – If you are involved with creating and managing risks, these courses explain how to set up initial information and configure your version of Gael Risk, as well as how to use it for the on-going management of risk.
  • Administration – Two new courses explaining how to create risk matrices, add users, import data and set up your organisational structures.

Over the coming months, as Gael Risk is further developed in line with customer feedback, we will continue to add new courses or update existing ones.

If you are not already an Academy user, have a look at the Academy website in the meantime and see if an Academy subscription would benefit your Q-Pulse or Gael Risk installation. If you would like to enquire about taking a free Academy trial, or have any other enquiries, please send an email to academy@gaelquality.com.

And if you are already an Academy subscriber, you can find all these new courses by logging in to the Academy, clicking [Courses] and searching for [Gael Risk].

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