Ideagen Academy helps Victoria Hospital gain clear understanding of Q-Pulse for quality management

    Ideagen's Q-Pulse was rolled out across the Medical Microbiology and Infection Control Department at the Victoria Hospital in Fife, Scotland, to manage and streamline their quality processes, effectively making them a paperless office.

    To help staff fully utilise the solution, to Ideagen Academy, Ideagen’s online learning resource, to help with their Q-Pulse roll out. Through using the Academy, NHS Fife staff strengthened overall quality management within the Medical Microbiology and Infection Control department, making it easier to achieve compliance with industry standards and successfully pass external departmental audits.

    "We are by no means the finished product, but we have strong foundations in place due to Ideagen Academy, which will be key in supporting our staff and future system development plans."

    Dr Mairiead MacLennan - Quality and Training Manager, Medical Microbiology and Infection Control Department
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    • Ideagen Academy enables staff to familiarise themselves with Q-Pulse during the roll-out of the solution
    • Quality, safety, risk and compliance training courses 'invaluable' to new users of Q-Pulse
    • Staff can self manage their training plans, in line with the operational needs of the department
    • Short video courses and quizzes much easier to consume than having a hard document and trying to read it
    • Academy gives staff the ability to build their own training plans and control their personal development