Academy Support Material

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In business it's imperative that there is a continuous learning culture to nurture the development of both employees and the organisation.

We recognise this, so as well as developing an e-learning solution and providing the best possible customer service, we also provide valuable resources including success stories, case studies, training course notes and a back catalogue of Academy Live session recordings, to enhance the Academy experience.

Our success stories and case studies share the positive impact that the Academy has on organisations around the world, providing detailed descriptions of how organisations have maximised the use of Academy to their benefit while showcasing best practice.

Every person learns using different methods and techniques and this is why our training course notes have proven extremely useful. These printable training notes take learners through a process step-by-step, where they can refer to the notes while conducting tasks in Q-Pulse. 

One of our most popular methods of training is our Academy Live sessions. Even if Academy members cannot attend the live session, all members have access to recordings of previous Academy Live sessions from the past year. Members can play them back as often as they like.

In addition, you can find out the latest Academy News and learn more on Q-Pulse and Academy enhancements. These tell you how they will benefit your organisation and help you stay up-to-date on the latest learning best practices.