System Requirements

To use the Academy, you will need the following:

Operating System

Windows ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista /Windows 7/Windows 8

MP4 Player

Courses are now iPad compatible and run in mp4 format. If you are not able to run mp4 files, download this mp4 player.

Screen resolution

1024 x 768 or greater. 

Sound card

All Academy courses are spoken, so you must be able to use speakers or headphones to use the Academy. 

Internet connection

The average size of Academy courses is around 10MB. Approximate download times for courses is as follows:

 56Kbps (dial-up) – 35 minutes
 2Mbps (normal UK broadband) – 1 minute
 8Mbps (fast broadband) – 15 seconds 

Web browser

Works best with Internet Explorer (V7 or later). Can also be used with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. 

Academy Live

Our Academy Live sessions are broadcast using WebEx software within your internet browser which is free to use. You can check if your system meets the minimum requirements by visiting the WebEx test site.